Chepushtanova Tatyana Alexandrovna

Chepushtanova Tatyana Alexandrovna is a head of the chair "Metallurgical processes, heat engineering and technology of special materials", a metallurgical engineer, associate Professor since 2016 in Satbayev University. Academician of the International Informatization Academy - IIA.

Candidate of technical Sciences (2010); dissertation topic "Physical and chemical properties and technological bases of pyrrhotite production from pyrite".

First PhD in the Republic of Kazakhstan in metallurgy. There is a diploma of the Colorado school Of Mines (USA, Golden) on awarding the degree of doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) in the field of metallurgy, years of study 2007-2010. Diploma of the highest academic degree-Doctor of philosophy Ph.D in the field of metallurgy of the MES of Kazakhstan was awarded in 2010. Holder of the PMP certificate.

Three times winner of the State scholarship for talented and young scientists of the MES of Kazakhstan. In 2015, he was awarded the title of associate Professor.

Successfully participated in the International Scientific Technical Center – ISTC (ISTC 464.2 K) "the Processing of ore and technogenic arsenic products by obtaining low-toxic compounds of arsenic", 2004 - 2007 For the last 10 years has been and is the main researcher of several projects related to complex processing of mineral raw materials and waste disposal. According to the results of the project - "Development of technology for obtaining powders of metallic and oxidized iron of nanodispersed sizes", 2015-2017, a monograph was published, a patent application was filed, and unique samples of iron oxide nanopowders were obtained. At the moment, he is the chief researcher of the project "Justification and development of technology for processing gold-arsenic-coal concentrates", 2018-2020.

Under her leadership, 7 master's theses and more than 40 bachelor's theses in metallurgy were defended. The author of the textbook - "Chemistry of solutions and surface phenomena". Author of more than 20 educational and methodical complexes. It introduced a digital technology methodology-3D atlases of metallurgical furnaces in the disciplines of heat and power engineering of metallurgical processes and metallurgical furnaces. For the first time in the specialty "metallurgy" at Kaznit, she developed educational and methodological complexes on the basics of metallurgy, extractive metallurgy and heat power engineering of metallurgical processes in English and introduced them into the educational process.

Author of many training plans and educational programs in metallurgy, including corporate programs of KAZATOMPROM and JSC CC TMK. Author of more than 100 scientific papers, Index-Hirsch 2, author of the innovative patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan on magnetizing firing, more than 20 publications with a high impact factor, author of the monograph "Synthetic pyrrhotites structural and technological properties studying" in English. Lambert Publishing House, Germany. Co-author of innovative patent for invention No. 20508-Method for magnetizing firing of pyrite-containing raw materials;  No. 43282 - "Method for complex processing of poor oxidized Nickel ores to obtain iron oxide powders". Member of the metallurgical society of the USA-TMS, member of IGIP, ING-PAED-IGIP register, Austria, has the right to teach in European engineering universities.

Research interests and current projects:

2018-2020-Justification and development of technology for processing gold-arsenic-coal concentrates, RIPR-grant funding, n. s.

2018-2020-PCF "extraction of pyrite concentrates from wet magnetic separation tailings and their complex processing" program no.: 2018 / BR05235618.


2015-2017 Project "Development of technology for obtaining powders of metallic and oxidized iron of nanodispersed sizes" No. 757 mon.GF.15. REPR.26. - grant funding, n. s.

2015-2017 Project " Concentration and purification (refining) of non-ferrous metal solutions. No. 757 mon.GF.15. REPR.21. - grant funding, n. s.

2012-2014 Project "technology for the neutralization of arsenic-containing waste" GF No. 751.Mon.GF.12.19.

2009-2011 under the project NTP No. 723 of the UGM.09 "Technologies for hydrocarbon raw materials and mining and metallurgical sectors and related service industries". 

2004-2007 Project Of the international Scientific and Technical Center - ISTC (ISTC K 464.2) - "Processing of ore and technogenic arsenic-containing products to obtain low-toxic arsenic compounds".

Field of interests: processing of gold-arsenic-containing raw materials, utilization of arsenic waste; processing of pyrite materials, stubs; obtaining nanopowders of iron oxides; liquid extraction of copper, the problem of theft during copper extraction.

Bibliographic reference.

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  4. Combined technology of oxidized nickel ore processing.
  5. Investigation of the magnetic and flotation properties of synthesized hexagonal pyrrhotites.
  6. Mechanism of nonoxidizing and oxidative pyrrhotite leaching.
  7. Sulfidization roasting of low grade lead-zinc oxide ore with pyrite.
  8. Sulfidizing-pyrrhotizing roast of middling, mixed, polymetallic ores.
  9. Nonstoichiometric pyrrhotites heat capacity.
  10. The modification of pyrite and arsenopyrite specific surface and porosity at thermal decomposition.


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