Povetkin Vitaly Vasiliyevich was born on the 3rd of January, 1940 in the village of Small Churakov of Abakanskii district in Kustanai region. Since 1950 lives in the city of Almaty.

In 1959 had graduated from Almaty industrial technical school majoring in "Cold processing of metals" and has been sent to the Jalal-Abad foundry and mechanical plant (Kyrgyzstan) where worked as the technologist of the plant. Same year had been called in ranks of the Soviet army and served in air units as a radio mechanic on plane radio stations till 1962.

Since 1962, after demobilization from ranks of SA, worked in Central design as the designer of bureau of the Almaty Economic council, then renamed into the State Design Institute on design of the enterprises of light industry (GPI-9) in positions of the technician-designer, senior technician-designer and senior design engineer.

At the same time in 1968 have entered the all-Union correspondence polytechnical institute (Moscow) which has finished in 1968 in "Technology of mechanical engineering, machines and tools".

In 1968 the city and concrete has gone to work in the Kazakh polytechnical institute of V.I. Lenin in "Problem laboratory of new physical methods of destruction mountain" where it worked in positions of the senior engineer, chief engineer and senior research associate till 1985.

For this period participated in development and deployment in production of various rock cutting tools, means of mechanization and automation. Under his direct management, have been designed, made and a number of thermotools and the breed-producing of cars have undergone production experimental testing: the experimental fire product line for processing of a block stone; the car for cutting of a block stone; the car for splitting of a stone and a number of cars for destruction of the rocks using thermal energy of high-speed gas streams of rocket torches and powder charges and also mechanical energy of hydraulic installations (streams). Many installations and ways of destruction of rocks are protected by the copyright certificates on inventions received in the USSR and Kazakhstan.

He has for the first time developed the thermodetonation working body for destruction of rocks realizing in the design new the way of burning of fuel mix in powerful shock waves protected by the certificate on an invention No. 1383875 (USSR).

After completion of study in a postgraduate study of the Kazakh polytechnical institute of V.I. Lenin in 1978, I have prepared candidate dissertation work on the subject "Justification and the Choice of Parameters of Thermounits at the Mechanized Processing of a Block Stone" which I have successfully protected in 1984 in doctor's AN of USSR (Dnipropetrovsk) specialized Council in Institute of geotechnical mechanics in the specialty 05.05.06. – "Mining machines".

In 1985 have passed on a competition to the associate professor's position "Cars and technology of processing of metals pressure", at the same time worked as the deputy dean for scientific work of Machine-building faculty and the chief researcher of NICha of institute.

In 1989 has been transferred to "Hoisting-and-transport Cars and Hydraulics" department, then has been elected on a competition the associate professor of this department where has worked till 2002, being engaged in also research work on economic contracts.

In 2001 have defended the doctoral dissertation on the subject "Processes and Technologies of Flame-jet Processing of Blocks of Strong Rocks" in the specialty 05.15.11 – "Physical processes of mining" in specialized dissertation Council at KAZNTU after named K.I. Satpayev, and in 2002 has been elected on a competition to a position of the head of the department "Cars and technology of printing production". At this department under his management and participation educational and methodical documentation on training of a bachelor degree on specialties of department has been developed.

Since 2005 is transferred to Technology of Mechanical Engineering department as professor.

Povetkin V.V. actively is engaged in scientific activity, the author more than 200 scientific works over 80 inventions, area of a research – "Problems of destruction of rocks and materials", reliability of cars and robotics. He has prepared 9 candidates, 2 Doctors of Engineering and 3 doctors of phD who have successfully protected the dissertation works and also more than 25 undergraduates are prepared.

He performs management of training of 4 applicants of an academic degree of the doctor of PhD in "Mechanical engineering", undergraduates and bachelors.

Under his management new designs of thermotools which with big economic effect are introduced on the stone-processing enterprises of the USSR and Kazakhstan which weren't once shown at ENEA of the USSR and ENEA KAZSSR are developed and have been noted by a number of diplomas, including, the diploma of the Central Committee of LKSM of Kazakhstan.

In 2002 the solution of VAK of Kazakhstan to him has given an academic status of professor in "Mechanical engineering and engineering science", same year he has been elected the full member of the International Academy of Informatization (IAI). For a number of years I was a member of dissertation council on protection of doctoral and master's theses at KAZNTU after named K.I. Satpayev in the specialty 05.05.06 – Mining machines.

He is the research supervisor of three grant research works to which performance the staff of department, doctoral candidates of PhD and undergraduates are involved.

Povetkin Vitaly Vasiliyevich is professor of department «SSandTM» being engaged in pedagogical work, successfully conducts training of specialists of the top skills through a magistracy and doctoral studies of PhD.

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