Georgiy Aleksandrovich Guryanov

He is born on October 26, 1971 in Leninogorsk city, East Kazakhstan region (now Ridder). In 1975 he moved in Ust-Kamenogorsk city, East Kazakhstan region with his family. In 1979 he started education in first grade of primary school №16 of Ust-Kamenogorsk, and in 1987 graduated from the 8 classes of the school, then in the same year he entered the Ust-Kamenogorsk energy and technical school on a specialty "Installation and adjustment of control systems and automation" and in 1991 he graduated with honors from college with a degree and qualified technician electrician.

After graduation in 1991 he entered the Ust-Kamenogorsk construction and road Institute (later - the East Kazakhstan Technical University (VKTU), and now D.Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University. (EKSTU)) on the road and mechanical department , specialty "Lift and carry, building, road machines and equipment" and in 1996 graduated with honors from the Institute, received a diploma and a degree in Engineering. After graduation, from August 1996 to December 1997 he worked as an intern researcher of the "Construction, road and lifting machinery" sub-department VKTU, and in December 1997 he entered the graduate school VKTU in "Road and building machines ". While working as an intern researcher and postgraduate studying, he combined scientific work with teaching at the sub-department of "Construction, road and lifting machinery". In 2000 he successfully completed his postgraduate studies, defended his master's thesis at the Dissertation Council of the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications (Almaty), and in 2001 he was recruited as a senior lecturer of “Construction, road and lifting Machines” EKSTU. From July 2001 to February 2002 he worked at the sub-department as an associate professor, and since February 2002 and August 2004 he worked as acting first, and then head of the sub-department "Construction, road and lifting machinery "EKSTU. From 2004 to 2011 he worked as an associate professor of the sub-department "Construction, road and lifting machinery" (since 2006 - the sub-department of "Technological machinery and equipment"), EKSTU, and since 2011 and currently works as a professor of the sub-department "Technological machinery and equipment" EKSTU.

In 2005, the Academic Council awarded the academic title of EKSTU "Associate Professor of EKSTU", and in 2009 the MES RK Committee for control of education and science awarded the rank of associate professor. Twice, in 2006 and 2011 he became the owner of the State grant and the title of "The best teacher of the university." In 2006, he won the State scientific grant for talented young scientists, in 2012 - the owner of the State scientific grant for scientists and experts who have made outstanding contributions to the development of science and technology, and in 2014, according to the rating of the National Agency for Accreditation and rating (NAAR) entered the TOP-30 best teachers of Kazakhstan universities, took 3rd place in the ranking. Mr. Guryanov is a member of the Academic Council and the Scientific and Technical Council of EKSTU. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of Engineering.

He has more than 190 scientific publications, including five books and more than 40 authorship certificates for inventions and utility models, as well as more than 50 methodical works, including four textbooks, scientific and methodological articles. He prepared five students - the winners of the Open Republican contest of student research papers.

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