Artyom Kravchenko was born on 31st of January 1988 in Karagandy city, Kazakhstan. In 2005 graduated from Linguistic Gymnasium № 3, majoring in English language. In 2009 obtained bachelor degree in business administration with major in finance from KIMEP University, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In 2009 joined equity investment company -  Lancaster Holding, where spent one year as Financial Analyst. During career at Lancaster Holding was leading investment-related projects, due diligence projects and performed financial analysis. For contribution into business and organization received an appreciation letter from vice-president of the company.

From 2010 to 2014 was working in the leading, global consumer goods company – Procter and Gamble, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. For contribution into business and organization was highly recognized by top management and received the following awards:

Quarterly Platinum P&G Award for Significant Distributor's Cost Optimization  - 2011

Award for successful Business Class organization – 2012

Award for operational excellence to deliver high forecast accuracy – 2013

Semifinalist, Europe Middle East and Africa F&A Award for outstanding achievement in leading Central Asia and Caucasus Hub reorganization – 2013

Award for operational agility and team collaboration in managing KZT devaluation crisis -2014

From 2013 to 2014 provided consulting services to innovational online business in the field of medicine – Received a letter of appreciation from the founder and CEO of the company.

From August 2014 to July 2017, occupied Senior Resource Allocation Finance Manager position at the largest global tobacco company – British American Tobacco.

Within my career at BAT, I received the following awards:

- Fit to Fight Quarterly Award for outstanding leadership in Rothmans Tube launch project

- BAT Award for outstanding contribution in finance team development


In August 2017,  Artyom decided to pursue MBA degree with concentrations in finance and marketing at St.John’s University, in New York. During my studies at St.John’s University he has become a member of the following elite national business and leadership honor societies:

- The National Society of Leadership and Success

- Beta Gamma Sigma: The International Business Honor Society

- Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society

In Spring 2019, he successfully completed the research – Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence: Technologies for Business Ethics – and presented it during Research Month at St.John’s University.

Artyom has published articles in various journals in the field of Business Strategy, Management, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, SMART Technologies and Skills Development. His articles were presented in international exhibitions and conferences.

Artyom Kravchenko also published a study guide “Presentation Skills for Business Professionals” that is available for sale in Russian and European online book stores

Besides position at The International Informatization Academy he is also recognized as Economist and occupies positions in the following scientific organizations, particularly:

- Advisor of The Russian Academy of Natural History

- Professional Member of The New York Academy of Science

Moreover, within the Russian scientific community, he is recognized as a scientist and is included in the internet encyclopedia - Famous Scientists. In 2019 he received European Quality Award from The Russian Academy of Natural History.

Since 2019, Artyom is a volunteer at The United Nations organization. Received certificate in recognition of his contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

At The New York Academy of Science, he occupies mentorship position and have two (2) mentees whom he coaches, guides and trains on various scientific related and personal development matters such as trends in cognitive technologies, evolving challenges in global economy, skillset required to succeed in the workplace and emotional intelligence.

List of publications:

Кравченко А.Е. Presentation Skills for Business Professionals: учебное пособие. – М.: Издательский дом Академии Естествознания, 2019. – 38 с.

Кравченко А.Е. “UNWRITTEN RULES OF SUCCESS IN A CORPORATE WORLD”. // Интернаука: научный журнал. № 43(77). – М., Изд. «Интернаука», 2018.


 Кравченко А.Е. Own you P.I.E to accelerate career. / А.Е. Кравченко // Молодой исследователь: вызовы и перспективы: сб. ст. по материалам LCIII Международной научно-практической конференции «Молодой исследователь: вызовы и перспективы». – № 40(93). – М., Изд. «Интернаука», 2018.

Кравченко А.Е. “STRATEGIES TO OVERCOME FINANCIAL CRISIS WHEN DOING BUSINESS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES” // Интернаука: научный журнал. № 42(76). Часть 2. – М., Изд. «Интернаука», 2018. – С. 45-48.

Кравченко А.Е. 7 TACTICS TO OVERCOME CRISIS AND CAPTURE GROWING OPPORTUNITY IN EMERGING MARKETS // Студенческий вестник: научный журнал. № 20(40). Часть 2. – М., Изд. «Интернаука», 2018. – С. 74-78.

Kravchenko А.E  “How large businesses convert volatility in emerging markets into opportunity” // EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL HISTORY № 2, 2019 – C. 22-26

Kravchenko A.E "Workforce Training and Management Challenges in the Contemporary Smart Manufacturing (SM)"// Intellectual Archive journal v.8, #2


"The Practical Side of IoT Implementation in Smart Cities".. "Intellectual Archive" journal v.8, #2

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