Gainiya Srymova is a communications and marketing professional.

Gainiya is the winner of English Language and Literature Olympiads (in 2011).

She was born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She later decided to pursue her studies in U.K. Gainiya (Gaia) received Presidential Scholarship from Richmond University for her contribution to a university life and her high GPA. She co-founded “Women in Business Society” with her friends. The Society had held a variety of events, including talks from outstanding alumni and other successful female entrepreneurs.

Gainiya’s Bachelor’s dissertation was “Portrayal of Kazakhstan in the Western Media and Soviet influence on Kazakh self-identity and belonging”. Her dissertation and presentation were positively received by her tutors and professors as well as her peers.

Gainiya has a strong interest in femininity/masculinity, gender bias/differences, international relations and politics. Therefore, her master’s dissertation examined such terms and media’s bias in American and Russian Presidential elections in 2016 and 2018 (respectively).

Gainiya has worked in a variety of fields before including private and public sector, consultancies, international organisations, and corporate companies.

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