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Mamyrbayev Arstan Abdramanovich is a native-born of Aktobe. Mamyrbayev A.A. has an Honors general medicine degree of Aktobe State Medical Institute, Lenin scholarship holder. Since 1973 to 1976 – a post-graduate student of endemic medicine research institute of KazSSR Ministry of Healthcare (Alma-Ata). Since 1977 to 1985 –a junior then a senior research scientist for a Kazakh branch of AMS USSR Nutrition Institute. Since 1986 to 1995 –a Deputy Director for science for endemic medicine research institute of KazSSR Ministry of Healthcare, heading this very institute toxicology department at the same time. Since 1996 to 1998 – a Department Head of Science Ministry- Republic of Kazakhstan Science Academy. Over 10 years (2003-2014) was a head of West-Kazakhstani branch office of  RoK Ministry of Healthcare “Occupational health and disease national centre” At the present Arstan Abdramanovich is a head of communal hygiene, occupational health and disease chair for Marat Ospanov West-Kazakhstani state medical university.  

Ph. D and doctorate thesis were defended in Moscow. He was confirmed in the rank of a senior research scientist and a professor with a specialization in Hygiene- 14.00.07 by the USSR Higher Attestation Commission. Being popular in the republic and CIS countries, environmentalist, Arstan Abdramanovich was elected as an academician for International Information System Development Academy.

All the scientific activities of Mamyrbayev А.А. are devoted to hygienic science urgent problems. Being an executer, executive in charge and a research advisor he was involved in issuing 13 research works, research and design works and National Toxicology Programs. The most specific features of scientist`s many-sided activity is an ability to interlink hygiene development with social problems of our society, aiming to use scientific achievements in practical activities of country`s sanitary and epidemiological service .Over the years (1993-1995) he was a member of Expert Council on medical professions for RoK Higher Attestation Commission. Over 10 years he fulfilled obligations of Chairman Deputy Committee on hygiene rating and standardization of chemical and biological substances under the RoK Ministry of Healthcare, later on RoK Healthcare Committee and RoK  Healthcare Agency. Mamyrbayev А.А. was a chairman of a task group on hygienic disciplines under the KazSSR Ministry of Healthcare, a member of a number of dissertation committees and editorial boards of scientific reviews (“Occupational health and medical ecology”, “Hygiene, epidemiology and immunobiology”, “Medical journal of Western Kazakstan”

Arstan Abdramanovich has written more than 250 scientific works including 7 monographs and 2 text-books. Held by him scientific research works were devoted to the matters of ecological and toxicological estimation of a number of technologically unfavorable Kazakhstan regions, also adults` and children`s health condition analysis. The key line of research was determination of chemical and biological substances toxicity mode effect onto living bodies. Methodological approach to  studying human homeostasis based on research of all revels detoxication  biochemical system, membrane and chromosomal structures, immune, cytogenetic, psychophysiological status allowed bringing fundamental scientific base to  heavy metals intoxication development mechanism, to justify methods of prevention and correction of certain forms of disadaptive and donozological human conditions. Mamyrbayev A.A. was one of the first in the republic who started research on industrial toxicology, dozens of fundamental publications in this field and approved by USSR Ministry of Healthcare and KazSSR Ministry of Healthcare hygienic standards for 17 new chemical substances (compositions) in working air are being a certification for thatealHrhygienic standards in working airin. 17 master`s dissertations and 3 doctoral dissertations were defended under academic advising of Mamyrbayev A.A.; currently he is taking an active part in preparation of master`s students and PhD-doctoral students. He issued more than 50 scientific works in journals, indexed by international scientific bases (Thomson Reuters, Web of Knowledge, Scopus, and others), certifying their high scientific quality.

Many-sided activities of A. Mamyrbayev are also connected with youth outreach. Established upon his initiative communal  hygiene, occupational health and disease chair  is performing specialization training in the frames of bachelor degree course, master and doctoral courses, is taking an active part in cycles of thematic advanced training and  retraining of sanitation physicians and  occupational physicians.  A. Mamyrbayev is a true professional scientist, excellent teacher; he to the full extent conveys his knowledge and experience to the youth. Being a vivid person, endued not only with creative potential, but with social activism, cheerfulness and kindness, he earned respect and trust of his colleagues. Accumulated life experience, optimism, and professional knowledge allow A. Mamyrbayev to stay in public life epicenter and contribute to citizens` health promotion and country prosperity.

For his successful scientific and teacher`s work he was rewarded government awards: Anniversary medal “Lenin`s hundredth anniversary”, “For Valorous Labor” («За Доблестный Труд»), “Kazakhstan Honor” («Слава Казахстана»).

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