Sadanova Bakytgul Maratovna in 1992 was graduated with honors from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Automated Information Processing and Management''. In 2011-2013 was trained in the magistracy of Karaganda State Technical University with a degree in "Computer Science and Software" with awarding the academic degree of Master of Science.



  • 1992-1997 y.y. - Assistant of the Department of automated information systems KarPTI;
  • 1997-2009 y.y. - Senior Lecturer KarPTI automated information systems;
  • 2009-2014 y.y. - Senior Lecturer Department of Computer Science and Software KSTU;
  • 2014y. till now - senior lecturer in the department of "Information Computer Systems" KSTU.

Research interests - development of intelligent systems based on Semantic Web-based technologies.

She is a member of the jury of scientific conferences Small Academy of Sciences of young researchers of the Palace of Children and Youth of Karaganda (2012, 2013y.) and international remote programming competitions among students and pupils (2008-2014y.) member of the International Academy of Informatization in 2013y.

Engaged in raising own educational level. In 2009 she took refresher courses in "Mathematical Modeling" in the branch of Moscow State University, Meleuz; in 2010y. technical courses at the Center for Kazakh Language trinity KSTU; in 2010. Courses "Application of interactive learning tools in teaching" in TSETO behalf of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan KSTU; in 2011y. training on the theme "The use of new information technologies in educational process" in MTU LLP "Quartz". In 2014 training in the framework of the project TEMPUS «PICTET: EQF-based professional ICT training for Russia and Kazakhstan» .


Educational activity:

Courses in "Databases", "Designing Intelligent Systems», «OLAP-technology", "Internet technologies», «Web-design", "System Programming", "Project Management System", "Methods for storage and analysis of corporate knowledge".

It has been developed and certified electronic textbooks on disciplines "Internet technologies", "Databases", "Designing intelligent systems", "System Programming", "In the corporate knowledge of IP", "Methods of storing and analyzing corporate Knowledge», «Web-design» for students majoring 5V070400 -" Computers and Software "(basic and web version).


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  6. Sadanova B.M., Kudysheva G.O., M.M. Kokkoz «Fundamentals of Web-design " Karaganda, KSTU, 2009.


Scientific activity:

  1. Ten T.L., Kogay G.D., Sadanova B.M., Oleynikova A.V. Certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright. "Managing Web-projects" (the product of science) №865 from 15.05.2015.
  2. Sadanova B.M., Ten T.L., Tomilova N.I. Certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright. "Electronic textbook" Methods of storing and analyzing corporate knowledge'' '' №1296 from 08.11.2012.
  3. Kogay G.D., B.M. Sadanova "Design of artificial intelligence systems" monograph. - Karaganda: KSTU 2011.
  4. Yavorsky V.V., Sadanova B.M. "Cloud storage and analysis of knowledge for teaching" Monograph. - Karaganda: KSTU 2008.
  5. Yavorsky V.V., Pyatkevich O.V., Sadanova B.M. "Systems analysis and storage of corporate knowledge" Pecs. Monograph. - Karaganda: KSTU 2007.


Selected publications:

Gorbatova L.V., Oleynikova A.V., Sadanova B.M., G.S.Muhasheva "Automation of the method of the subjective measurements of factors functioning AIS means VBA» International multidisciplinary journal "European researcher", 2015, №1

Sadanova B.M.,Tailak B.E., G.S.Muhasheva, Zhumagulova S.K. "Architecting subsystem management and organizational activities of the information educational environment of high school" Journal "Proceedings of the University" -Karaganda. Vol. 2, 2014.

Sadanova B.M., A.V.Oleynikova "Using data mining techniques to build models of scoring systems" Proceedings of the All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Modern technologies in support of decision-making in the economy" -Tomsk, 2014.

Sadanova B.M., Muhasheva G.S. "Application of the ontological approach to annotating documents" International scientific-practical conference "The key issues of modern science", Sofia, 2014

Sadanova B.M., Oleynikov A.V., Miftakhov R.R., Dakibaeva M.K. «Advantages of object-oriented approach in construction of electronic learning resources models» IX International scientific-practical conference "Scientific space in Europe - 2013 "Przemysl, Poland, 2013.

Sadanova B.M., Muhasheva G.S., Dakibaeva M.K., Miftakhov R.R., "Building a corporate portal on the basis of ontological approach" International scientific-practical conference "Effective tools of modern science - 2013", Prague, 2013.

Sadanova B.M., Zhumagulova S.K. "Research and development funds in local search collections of documents" Journal "Bulletin of the Karaganda University" series "Mathematics», № 4 (68), 2012.

Sadanova B.M., Tomilova N.I., B.E.Tailak, Kogay G.D. "The use of ontological modeling in e-learning" Magazine "Automatics and Informatics". -Karaganda. Vol. 1-2 -2011.

Tailak B.E., Tomilova N.I., Kogay G.D., Sadanova B.M. "Deterministic chaos and cryptography" Magazine "Automatics and Informatics". -Karaganda. Vol. 1-2 -2011.

Sadanova B.M. "Design of the information system using ontology within training Web-portal" Journal "Proceedings of the University" -Karaganda. Vol. 3, 2010.


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