Sapargaliyev Serik Shakirovich was born on July 31, 1937 in the village of Novo-Alekseevka (currently Kobda), Hobdinskiy district of Aktobe region.


Since 1945 he studied at the primary school in the village Roppovka in Aktobe region, and then in high school named after Belinsky in the village of Uzun-Agach in Zhambyl district of Almaty region.

In 1955 he entered the Alma-Ata's agricultural college in Chemolgan village on a speciality “Industrial and civil construction”. After graduating from technical school he went to Aktobe region on Komsomol permit and in 1958 started work as a technician-Builder in Tadysajskaya MTS (machine-tractor station). He built homes, repairing shops, field carriages, etc. facilities for primary workers in the new lands.

Following the reorganization of the MTS he worked in construction organizations of Aktyubinsk in post master, foreman SMU "Promstroy" of trust "Aktyubstroy". He built motorcar repair plant, build-enameled utensils, furniture factory, Ministry of Interior, furniture factory Oblmestprom, participated in the construction of a meat-packing plant, a chemical plant, a plant of concrete products, etc. At the same time he studied part-time at the All-Union correspondence Moscow Engineering-Construction Institute (Moscow). Then moved to the city of Karaganda, participated in the construction of a plant of heating equipment.

In 1966 after graduating from the Faculty of industrial and civil construction of the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, he worked in design organizations «Kazgiprosovhozvodstroy» and «Karagandagossel′proyekt» in the positions of engineer, team leader, Chief Engineer of the project, the head of the Studio, head of technical department-Deputy Chief Engineer of the Institute.

In 1973 on the order of Gosstroy of Kazakh SSR he was transferred to the position of Chief of the model design and organization of design works Kazglavstroyproyekt in Almaty.

In 1981 he graduated from the Special Department in new directions of a science and technics of the Moscow Institute of national economy named. G.V. Plehanov and continued to work in the design organizations on positions: Deputy Chief Engineer of the Institute, head of the Engineering Department, Chief Economist at the Institute. Participated in the design of agricultural engineering.

In 1990, he has been awarded the academic degree candidate Economic sciences, on a speciality 08.00.05 “Economy, the organization of management and planning of a national economy (construction)”. After that he worked in the scientific-research organizations: KazNIISA (Senior Research Scientist, Senior Scientist in the laboratory of system analysis and earthquake), Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of labour and employment issues (head of sector methodology for assessing and forecasting labour market), Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of economy and organization of AGRO-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (Senior Research Scientist).


From 1994 to 1997 he worked in the Ministry of construction, housing and construction in posts of Deputy Head of economic construction, the Chief of the integrated Department of Economics and finance.

From 1997 to 2008 he worked in various valuation companies as Director of the economy, the real estate valuation Department, at the same time he taught at the Institute of valuation, Academy of valuation and construction, as well as Engineering Academy as head of Department and Professor. Trained more than 500 appraisers. He has a general license for valuation of movable and immovable property, intellectual property and intangible assets.

Since 2007 he works part-time at American Appraisal Company «American Appraisal LLC» in a position of the Deputy General Director for Production and consultant of experts – appraisers. More than 100 different properties, including major property complexes: the cosmodrome "Baikonur", Stepnogorsk bearing plant, Kazakhstan - China pipeline and others were estimated.

Since 2012 he has been working in the Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics as a professor of "Valuation and statistics." Teaching subjects: valuation of new technologies; valuation of investment projects; valuation of the consequences of emergencies; expertise of valuation reports; the practice of developing a business - plan. Under his supervision issued more than 100 undergraduate and 15 graduate students majoring 5V090800 and 6M090800 "Valuation".

Constantly engaged in creative activities: issued three educational - practical tools, more than 70 scientific articles and educational - methodical complexes. He has more than 30 different grants, diplomas, certificates, including four overseas (Australia).


Scientific activities:

  • Problems of investmentless acceleration of progress of economy РК;
  • Search of reserves of growth of cost of the enterprises (business);
  • Valuation of efficiency of alternative energy sources;
  • Valuation of efficiency of new technics and innovative technologies;
  • Introduction of innovations in manufacture through an assessment;
  • Problems of preparation of experts in high schools of RK, etc.


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