Maemerov Meles Makeshovich, was born on November, 17 in 1940 in Shymkent.


Nationality: Kazakh.

Family: wife - Maemerova Mariya Zhumabayevna, was born in 1942, son – Askar, was born in 1969, and daughter – Sabina, was born in 1971.

In 1958 graduated from the school of young workers.

In 1979 graduated from the Kazakh Agricultural Institute in Almaty with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering on mechanization of agricultural production processes, as well as an engineer-economist specialist in agricultural production.

1956 – 1998 worked at the enterprises of Almaty as a cooper, joiner, foreman, construction superintendent on installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures, as a director of small private enterprise, as a president of “Tuystast” association, and as a president of the "Center of ion-ozone technology".

Since 1975 was engaged in ion-ozone technology area, which subsequently determined my scientific direction for electro-nanotechnology. Today I have more than 70 scientific publications in this area, including 4 monographs and around 100 inventions.

In 1999 was awarded with the academic degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences (or first doctoral degree) on specialization 05.18.12 - Processes and devices of ion-ozone processing of grain products.

In 2006 was awarded with the academic degree of Associate Professor of technology of food products.

In 2010 was awarded with the academic degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences (or the second doctoral degree) on specialization 05.18.01 - Technology of processing, storage and reprocessing of cereal, bean cultures, groats products, fruits and vegetables, and growing of grapes.

Since 1998 to the present, I am engaged in academic activities. I am a Professor of department of "Technology of grain production in processing industries", as well as a head of the Research Laboratory of Innovative Technologies and Food Processing Industries in Almaty Technological University.

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