Еsenbekova Perizat Abdykairovna

Was born on November 28, 1959, in Zhambyl region, graduated school in 1977 and entered the Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical Institute and graduated in 1982. In the course of time, she worked as a teacher of biology and chemistry in secondary school No. 12 in Almaty. Since 1984 she has been working at the Institute of Zoology. She passed a postgraduate study at the Institute of Zoology from 1991 to 1994. In addition, the secretary of the institute (from 2014) to the present). In 1998 she defended her thesis on the topic "Breeding and use of stinging hymenopterans in the southeast of Kazakhstan".

Author and co-author of more than 290 scientific publications, including monographs "Heteroptera of Kazakhstan", "Multilingual Dictionary of Invertebrate Animals", popular science books "Heteroptera", Insects of Sayram-Ugam SNNP, Insects of KNS "Kolsay kolderi" series "Animals of Kazakhstan in photos", in where she used her photographs. 3 copyright certificates for the invention. I was engaged in teaching work at al-Farabi KazNU, has published 2 textbooks: "Cultivation and use of stinging hymenopterans (entomophages and pollinators)" (2003), "Practical manual of field practice on zoology of invertebrates" (2011). Her excellent knowledge of the literary Selevinia and Tethys Entomological Research. More than 30 books have been translated into the Kazakh language: "Animal World of Kazakhstan", "Red Book of Kazakhstan, (invertebrates)", "A Surprising World of Invertebrates", "Red Book of Almaty Region (Invertebrates)", Treasures of the Flora of Kazakhstan "," Landscape of the Republic of Kazakhstan "," The human body "," Reserves and national parks of Kazakhstan "," Wonders of nature ", etc. As part of the large groups of authors, she participated in the preparation of the Red Data Book of the Almaty Region, the Cadastre of the Animal World of the Almaty Region, Animal World of the Mangistau Region and its monitoring, etc. As one of the main authors, she participated in the preparation and production of the special encyclopedia "Insects". She was involved in the development of methods for assessing the state of ecosystems using the indicator insect species and in monitoring studies of the pests and their entomophages in the mountain forests of the Trans-Ili Alatau.

Since 1999 I have been studying the fauna, biology, ecology, and distribution of semi-wings of one of the largest and economically important groups of insects in Kazakhstan. As a result of the conducted studies, the fauna of semi-chubby insects of Kazakhstan (about 2000 species) was first fully discovered, and more than 100 were found for the first time in Kazakhstan.

Repeatedly conducted an examination of scientific projects on biology at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I participate in the training of young cadres. Under my guidance, 3 undergraduates and 4 doctoral Ph.D. students have been trained. For 7 years I have been conducting a special course on entomology (I'm giving lectures) at KSU "Gymnasium No. 4 named after AS. Pushkin".

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