Tsoy Valery Ivanovich, was born in Сарань of the Karaganda area, on is Septembers, 22 1951; married, three children.


After completion in 1972 the Karaganda polytechnic institute on speciality the "Mountain machines and complexes" remained to work as in him a research worker, teacher.

In 1975-1977 is a senior staff scientist, in 1978-1989 is a chief of technical department of scientific and production association on the device of foundations (Karaganda).

In 1989-1992 is an associate professor of Institute of increase of qualifications.

In 1989-2014 is a president-director of public association the "Karaganda methodological center".

In 1992-1998 is a chancellor of University (institute) of enterprise and management (with the private pattern of ownership) culture, Karaganda.

In 1998-2008 is a dean of faculty of enterprise and management, managing the department of Methodology of enterprise and management of the Karaganda state technical university.

In 2008-2009 is a pro-rector on innovations and strategic development of the Centrally-Kazakhstan university "МGTI-Lingva" (Karaganda).

In 2009-2010 is director of Center of innovations and strategic development ТОО "Business" (Astana).

In 2010-2012 is a methodology-consultant of Institute of in-plant training the "International professional academy of "Тuran-Profi".

In 2013-2014 is a director of department of technical and professional formation of the National chamber of businessmen of RК.

With 2014 for present tense is a director of private establishment "Academy of system analytic geometry and design".

December 1980 secured dissertation for the competition of graduate degree of candidate of engineering sciences in the Leningrad polytechnic institute the name of M.I. Каlinina on speciality 05.05.04 are the "Travelling, ground and building machines".

Made off the Moscow institute of foreign languages (1977), All-union school of culture of the parliamentary thinking at Academy of sciences of the USSR (1990).

Candidate of engineering sciences, corresponding member of the International academy of informatization, International economic academy of Eurasia, actual member of the International academy of innovative social technologies (Moscow), member of Strategic advice of the Moscow methodological consortium, member of Scientifically-methodical advice of association of "Analyst" at the Public chamber of RF.

I have 125 scientific reasons, 13 inventions and patents, 82 educational methodical works, worked out 5 branch scopes of qualifications and 27 professional standards.

Author of train aid:

  • Theory and practice of the administrative thinking;
  • World view reference-points of the administrative thinking and activity;
  • Theoretical charts of the administrative thinking;
  • Pedagogical technologies of opening of innovative potential (in 2th parts);
  • Methodological bases of the administrative thinking and interprofessional cooperation;
  • Innovative administrative education;
  • Басқару ойын ұйымдастыру құралдары;
  • Apartment houses: management, maintenance, repair, modernisation.

Worked out and realized authorial educational courses (for master's degrees and students of institutions of higher learning on specialities "State and local administration", "Management", for teachers, civil servants and businessmen - within the framework of courses of in-plant training):

  • Methodology of the market thinking and theory of activity;
  • Akmeology of the administrative thinking;
  • Methodology and culture of enterprise;
  • Method of work with text;
  • Research and examination of control system;
  • Circuit technology and development of administrative decisions;
  • Schematic and scenario design of situations interprofessional cooperations;
  • Theory of planning and organization of the systems of activity.

Experience of expert and consultative work:

  • in 2004-2007 is a leader of project on development of methodological and economic ground of the General layout of development Karaganda to 2015 year;
  • in 2005 is a leader of methodological group on development of Program of actions of the National union of businessmen and employers "Аtameken";
  • in 2007 is a member of working group on development of Conception of "Nazarbaev university";
  • with 2010 for present tense is a leader of innovative project "Creation of the innovative setting and technology of concreting»;
  • in 2010-2013 is a leader of the 14-ти seminars-training conducted in 11 cities of Kazakhstan on the topic "Perfection of mechanisms of cooperation of subjects GKH";
  • 2012-2014 is an expert of project "Socio-economic partnership of subjects of SMB and organizations of ТiPO" (Handicraft chamber Trier, Germany);
  • in 2012-2014 is an expert of the World bank (project "Modernisation of the system ТiPO "), participated in development of Methodical recommendations on providing of consultative support to Councils of development of ТiPO, Conception of the national system of qualifications of РК, Layouts and Methodical recommendations on development of branch scopes of qualifications and professional standards of RК;
  • with 2014 is a national expert on development and examination of branch scopes of qualifications and professional standards of RК.

Specialization the last years: development and realization of innovative methodological approaches and principles in the areas of culture of the analytical, pedagogical, administrative and enterprise thinking and activity, creation of innovative technology of concrete works.


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