Aizhan Sakhanovina Shynybekova was born on February 15, 1974 in the village of Talapty, Koksu district, Taldykorgan region. In 1991 she graduated from Talapta Secondary School with excellent marks. In 1991, she entered the Almaty State University named after Abay (now KazNPU) on specialty  the Kazakh language and literature ,at the Faculty of Philology and graduated with honors.

In 1995, she entered and graduated from the full-time department of Almaty State University named after Abay, and on November 24, 1999, 01/10/02. - defended her PhD thesis on the topic “The Poetics of A. Tazhibaev’s Poetry” in the specialty of modern Kazakh language and literature.

In 2008, by decision of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, she was awarded the academic title of associate professor in the specialty Language Theory - 02/10/19. In 2010 she completed her doctoral dissertation in the specialty Theory of Language. The doctoral dissertation was submitted to the expert commission of the Dissertation Council D 14.61.27 of Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov. More than 40 articles on doctoral works have been published, of which 7 international publications, 15 according to the list approved by the Higher Attestation Commission, 2 monographs have been published (vol. 10; 15).

Scientific works before the defense of the candidate's dissertation - 7. The number of works after the defense - 130. These are scientific articles, educational materials, methodological proposals, monographs.

Since 2000, she worked as an acting associate professor at the Department of Social Sciences of KazATK named after M. Tynyshpayev. In 2002, she was a member of the commission for admission to the candidate minimum in the Kazakh language, created at the academy; since 2004, she was the head of the public organization “Language Development Center” of the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named after. named after M. Tynyshpayev, contributed to the implementation of the state program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Use and development of languages for 2001-2010”. She worked for 15 years at the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named after M. Tynyshbaev. From 2014 to 2019 she worked as an assistant professor at Narxoz University.

Total work experience is 25 years, including scientific and pedagogical experience - 23 years.

       Since 2019, he has been the head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation studies at the State University named after I. Zhansugirov. Based on the experience of teaching in higher educational institutions over the years of teaching service, she wrote teaching aids.

Associate Professor of the departments “Kazakh language” (Almaty, 2003), “News on the state language” (Almaty, 2006), “Methodological recommendations on the Kazakh language” (Almaty, 2010), “Didactic materials on the Kazakh language” (Almaty, 2010). basic minimum)" (Almaty, 2010), guidelines for level education in the subject "Kazakh language" (Almaty, 2011), guidelines for level education in the subject "Kazakh language" (Almaty, 2012), textbook for level C1 of teaching the subject “Kazakh language” (all for specialties, Almaty, 2012), textbook for master’s students at level C2 teaching the subject “Kazakh language” (Almaty, 2012), “Speech behavior of heroes dramas: sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic character" (Almaty, 2011), "Pragmalinguistics of dramatic conversational character" (Almaty, 2012) contain separate chapters of doctoral research work. in the Kazakh language (textbook for independent work of students at level C1-C2, Almaty, 2013), a methodological guide for conducting practical classes in the subject “Professional Kazakh language” (5B 051100 – Marketing and 5B 050700 – Management; Computer technology and software , 5В090900 – Logistics; 5В 030100 – Jurisprudence, 5В020200 – For the specialties “International Relations”, Almaty, 2019), wrote a methodological manual for conducting practical classes on the subject “Business Kazakh Language” (Almaty, 2019).

In 2019, she wrote and published a scientific monograph “National Code from the point of view of pragmatic analysis (based on a dramatic work)” and a textbook “Business Kazakh Language”. She received an author’s certificate for the scientific monograph “National Code - from the point of view of pragmatic analysis (based on a dramatic work)” and the textbook “Business Kazakh Language”.

      In 2022, the scientific monograph “The Pragmalinguistic Character of Dramatic Speaking” was published on 12 printed forms. As part of the spiritual revival program “Processes of representing the national code in the language of drama” and others, she wrote and published many articles and scientific works. Portal for teachers “Orleu” in connection with published works within the framework of spiritual revival 02/17/2020. - 03/17/2020 was awarded letters of gratitude. She took part in the republican competition of teachers “Creative Teacher”, organized by the department of “Foreign languages and translation” and was the scientific supervisor of the diploma project of student ShTKd-321 Tuleukhanova Nursaule, Makhambetova Aigerim, Baitumanova Madina on the topic “Peculiarities of translating Kazakh life into English” (in context of spiritual revival) all students successfully passed the anti-plagiarism test and defended it. Also in 2021, I supervised the diploma projects of 15 students studying in absentia, and almost all of them defended themselves.

Based on the protocol of the qualifying period of the republican competition “Best Teachers of Independent Kazakhstan-2020” dated November 30, 2020, the Association of Teachers of Kazakhstan awarded the owner of the badge “Yu.Altynsarin” in accordance with the law on awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to an open competition system, by decision of a specially created commissions.

In 2022, with the information support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the basis of order of the Department of Education of the city of Astana No. 519, the National Innovation Research Center “Bilim-Orkenieti” on the basis of the Message of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Kemeluly Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan on the topic “New Kazakhstan: the path of renewal and renewal" took part in the republican competition "The Best Teacher in the Field of Education" for the purpose of widespread propaganda, and was awarded the badge "The Best Teacher in the Field of Education" and a 1st degree diploma.

Family consists of mother - Shynybekova Kauker - Winner of the Gold Medal "Altyn Alka", "Ardakty Ana", Medal "For Merit", son - Ismagzi Isatay Bolatuly - today is a student of the Innovative Pedagogical Lyceum, studying in the 9th grade.

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