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Четверг, 20 Сентябрь 2018 18:11

Google distributes to users of the service money

Start of Google One has taken place a little unevenly. Service has been announced on I/O then has appeared in Play Store in 10 days, and then became officially available to "all" in the middle of August. But the problem was in what "all" didn't mean really all at all. Now Google tries "to butter up" dissatisfied users.

The company has sent to users of Google One of the letter in whom I have said that it has a little hurried with mailing of invitation letters in August, but now service became really available to all. Google has decided to thank users for patience by means of $5 which the company will put into the account of Google Play Store. And the company "will pay" $5 more for creation of the Google One account.


Nearly 700 rubles for registration in service — aren't so bad. You can receive this sum if you were registered on service in August. It is pleasant to realize that Google so makes thrifty use to the user and seeks to smooth down mistakes. We hope, in the future similar situations will repeat won't be.