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Monday, 28 December 2020 21:02

Apple prepares 32-core processor. It is faster than any Intel one

The company has already begun the transition to in-house processors in junior computers, solutions for top models will soon appear. [hi-tech.mail.ru]

Bloomberg published material on the future of Apple computers. Next year, the company will introduce MacBook Pro and iMac on new in-house processors. The laptop and All-in-One will be able to replace similar models on Intel in the mid-price segment of computers for professional tasks.

And in 2020, Apple will introduce a 32-core processor for Mac Pro - a powerful computer for the most difficult tasks, such as working with graphics, special effects, processing data arrays and much more. According to a Bloomberg journalist, it will be more powerful than any Intel processor.

This spring, Apple introduced the first line of computers that run on a processor M1 its own production. Even the most affordable MacBook Air without active cooling is comparable in performance to the more expensive laptops on the latest generation Intel Core i7.

Apple not only abandoned Intel processors in computers, but also returned to ARM architecture. The transition will take several years, until the developers completely rewrite the software for new chips, now they can simultaneously release programs for x86 and ARM, and an emulator of the old architecture is also built into the system, due to which computer performance drops by 15-20%.