Monday, 21 September 2020 18:18

New Windows features disclosed

Microsoft spoke about new Windows features introduced for more comfortable communication using text and voice. This was stated by a representative of the company Brandon LeBlanc on the Microsoft website. []

LeBlanc said that new features are revealed for enthusiasts who have installed a beta version of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20206. "Our goal is to make Windows even better, helping our users communicate using text and voice," the company representative said. In particular, users of the operating system will have simplified access to GIF images and emojis. The built-in search allows you to quickly select animated images and the necessary characters.

Also in Windows, you can transfer emojis from the clipboard to the text input field using the Copy and Paste quick commands. GIF files are searched through the Tenor service and require an Internet connection.

The company's specialist also reported that the OS will add the function of simplified voice dialing. At any time, the user will be able to call the assistant for dictation by pressing the key combination Win + H. A microphone icon will appear on virtual keyboards for touchscreens. The system itself will place punctuation marks in the typed text, if desired, this option can be turned off in the settings. The voice set will be available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.

Brandon LeBlanc did not disclose information about when the described innovations will appear in all users. At the moment, you can try new features by joining the Windows Insider program and downloading the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20206 operating system.