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Saturday, 28 July 2018 09:37

The bitcoin can get support autonomous offline – transactions

The future BIP 174 updating for Bitcoin (BTC) has been just added to an official repository of network. In the long term it will allow a blockchain to carry out partially signed bitcoin transaction (PSBT). If support of the protocol is realized, users will be able to carry out autonomous transactions needlessly at once to load them into network of bitcoin. [hi-tech.mail.ru]

The idea was is extremely warmly apprehended by cryptocurrency community. For example, Alex Bosuort, the author and the developer of the Lightning Network protocol, has written on Twitter that he supports this type of development of network. Besides, several large experts in the area have joined development of the protocol.

However, the offer is still not put to the vote, and there is no information on when the protocol functions completely. However the prospect looks quite promising and, most likely, the protocol will be realized in the near future.

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