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The disproportion of a crystal lattice of the kalaverit demented chemists. But the Russian scientists together with foreign colleagues have managed to understand how she is suited. []

Thanks to critical vulnerability hackers have flooded the "decentralized" platform of exchange of tokens of 1 billion false tokens of EOS. As a result they could steal at users nearly $58 000 in cryptocurrency. []

Thursday, 20 September 2018 18:14

The Russian membrane will catch oxygen from air

Scientists from Institute of metallurgy and materials science of RAS have received a membrane with high selective permeability on oxygen. With her help it is possible to receive pure oxygen very cheap. []

Thursday, 20 September 2018 18:11

Google distributes to users of the service money

Start of Google One has taken place a little unevenly. Service has been announced on I/O then has appeared in Play Store in 10 days, and then became officially available to "all" in the middle of August. But the problem was in what "all" didn't mean really all at all. Now Google tries "to butter up" dissatisfied users.

Friday, 07 September 2018 19:49

The best smartphones of year are called

Experts of the Business Insider portal have made the list of the best smartphones released in 2018, the correspondent of Ò with reference to RIA Novosti reports. [Tengrinews]

Intel still tries to begin production of 10-nanometer chips, but so far it has several 14-nanometer aces in a sleeve. It is reported that on October 1 Intel will release Core processors of the 9th generation, since more available eight-nuclear models. Core i9-9900K, the first available Core i9 processor for desktop personal computers will become a leader of the first wave. He will support the basic clock frequency of 3,6 GHz and dispersal to 4,7 GHz of all eight kernels (5 GHz with one or two kernels) and up to 16 streams. []

For the first time in interstellar space the radioactive molecule is found. It was formed as a result of collision of two stars. []

The magnetic storm of the first G1 level on a five-point scale will cover Earth on August 20, follows from these Russian scientists of laboratory of x-ray astronomy. [Tengrinews]

The future BIP 174 updating for Bitcoin (BTC) has been just added to an official repository of network. In the long term it will allow a blockchain to carry out partially signed bitcoin transaction (PSBT). If support of the protocol is realized, users will be able to carry out autonomous transactions needlessly at once to load them into network of bitcoin. []

Friday, 20 July 2018 17:15

WhatsApp will enter new function

Developers of the WhatsApp messenger will enter new function which as it is supposed, will allow users to note the received messages as read, without opening the application, reports the WaBetaInfo [Tengrinews] portal.

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