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The research company New Marketshare told that Windows 10 outstripped Windows 7 in popularity — it is established for 39.22% computers or 16% of all devices in general, TechCruch reports. []

In network big expert article in which it is in detail told about problems with the existing authentication methods and also about how the system will "recognize" us in the future was published. Experts write that passwords are the last century for a long time, and biometric methods of authentication are also going to sink into the past. At least, in their traditional look. []

Thursday, 20 December 2018 18:07


China first-ever started Chang'e 4 mission intended to investigate a reverse side of the Moon. Frames of missile launch of Long March 3B were laid out on YouTube by the South China Morning Post newspaper. []

Scientists found in the territory of Poland extremely unusual remains of a dicynodont, the most ancient "direct" ancestor of people and all other mammals which indicated that these animals did not concede by the sizes to elephants and dinosaurs. The description of a fossil was presented in the Science magazine. [Tengrinews]

Branch sources claim that screens on the basis of mini-light-emitting diodes are already ready to come to mass production this year. The new technology can inhale new life in IPS LCD displays and press from a pedestal of OLED.[]

Monday, 12 November 2018 18:00

Dark energy will be studied by 5000 robots

For drawing up the three-dimensional map of the Universe and to clarification of a role of dark energy in the USA assemble the unique tool. []

For last year scientists found 20 fast radio splashes. It almost as much how many it is around the world recorded since 2007. []

WhatsApp endures the obvious period of changes. For the last few weeks in a messenger many new functions and also support of gestures appeared. Today the platform for Android received one more important function which already some time was available in the version to iOS: reproduction of video in the background. []

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 17:52

Anonymous payments in Kazakhstan can forbid

Now according to the law on payments it is possible to pay off anonymously to 10 MRP [Profit]

The "white" hacker from Taiwan claims that on the future Sunday he will broadcast breaking and removal of the page of the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg on the air on the same platform. He has written about it to Facebook to the of 26 000 friends. It is reported that Chang Chi-yuan in the country is well-known. []

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