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The large asteroid of EA2 will fly by Earth at distance smaller, than to the Moon. Data on the website of NASA demonstrate to it.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019 19:07

The universal way of breaking wi-fi is found

All devices having a possibility of connection to Wi-Fi are under the threat of breaking, scientists from the Belgian university of Leuven said. Experts noted that it is possible to crack any gadget from which go on-line thus. []

Recently large players from Korea and China showed the decisions in the field of flexible smartphones. And here the American company studies prospects so far. Options are reflected in its new patents. []

There were rumors about a week ago that the A13 chip intended for iPhone of this year will be manufactured on the same 7 nanometers to architecture, as A12. Now it is reported that in iPhone 2020 we will see the next jump in miniaturization of the chip again. []

Scientists of the Tomsk State University (TSU) found a way as changing an electron wave form to control its internal characteristics. These data will be useful when determining electromagnetic properties of different materials, including artificial with difficult properties, the press service of the Russian Scientific Fund (RSF) with assistance of which the research is executed reported on Monday. []


Every spring and fall we have to prepare for opposition of a heat and cold: you did not manage to take off the jacket taken in the morning as on the way to work you freeze again as the sun disappeared. It can repeat over and over again. But now the University of Maryland presented "future fabric" which adapts to temperatures. []

The popular chat service belonging to Facebook updated the IOS application today — it got support of biometric authentication. []

The cotton seed which sprouted onboard the Chinese probe Chang'e 4 on a reverse side of the Moon died. Writes Xinhua about it. []

The next large updating of Windows 10 at number 18312 comprises important change: now at updates the system will reserve to itself in advance seven gigabytes of disk space that process of updating took place without mistakes. [Tengrinews]

Apple has hard times in the market — following recommendations about decline in income, Cupertino, about messages, again reduces production iPhone. The initial plan of the company assumed sale of 48 million devices during the period from January to March, but subsequently was reduced to 43 million, and now — to 40 million (that is for 10%). []

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