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Saturday, 15 May 2021 20:26

The rules for posting information on the portal for assessing the effectiveness of the State enterprise activity have been approved

On the basis of the amendments to the Law "On Access to Information", the Ministry of Information and Public Development (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) is designated as the authorized body in the field of access to information. In this regard, the Ministry approved Order No. 153 dated May 5, 2021 "On Approval of the Rules for Posting Information on the Internet Portal for Evaluating the Effectiveness of State Bodies".[gov.kz]

This order passed the state registration in the Ministry of Justice on May 11, 2021 for No. 22713 ( https://www.gov.kz/memleket/entities/qogam/documents/details/164850?lang=ru )
These rules determine the procedure for public authorities to place the achievement of target indicators of strategic plans and programs for the development of territories, as well as public discussion of the activities of state bodies.