Thursday, 31 December 2020 13:14

Happy upcoming New Year 2021th!

Dear families , friends, colleagues, associates, comrades, men and women, talented and creative, smart and promising, young and wise, our dear IIA team!

In the last days of December, the most common greeting is "Happy New Year!"
Very soon we will cross the next milestone, but we will still have time to fix everything that upset us in 2020: mistakes,  also forgive it to others and make peace with them.
Then the old year will take away these troubles, and we will meet the new one with joy. If the outgoing year did not fulfill the plan and did not justify the hopes, then a new stage of life is ahead, in which everything will come true!

We congratulate you from the bottom of our soul and pure hearts with the coming New Year! We really hope that it will become happy for you, will certainly bring many bright and joyful events!

Seeing off the old year and meeting the new one, we wish that this expectation of a miracle would accompany us further, and that the whole next year would give pleasant surprises!

After all, New Year is always an update!
2021 is the year of the white Bull, the metal Bull!
New Year is a time of unfulfilled expectations and goals that have not yet been set. Let the expectations come true, and the goals become noble and achievable.

May this year you gain such strength and resilience as a symbol of this year!

Let not a single task that you set for yourself be able to resist this strength and energy! And let good health, as well as luck and resourcefulness complement this!

May this New Year really bring something new to life for everyone, but certainly good!
Let it get even better where everything is good, and where you want changes - let it be only positive!

May the whole next year be filled with business success, great opportunities and personal happiness!

Let this year good luck will smile at you in everything, so that everything conceived and all your dreams will come true. May this year be truly your year - happy and fruitful in every sense!

May the New Year bring so much happiness and good luck that it will be difficult to carry it away, and all the wonderful gifts of fate will not fit under the tree!

Let every day be an abundance of goodness and miracles!

 Let the coming year bring only joyful and wonderful emotions, and all the bad will remain in the year that is already gone!

Let the new 2021 year bring a pearly sparkling mood, fantastic creative inspiration, amazing creativity of thinking and amazing efficiency! And may all these talents pave the brilliant path to the alluring heights of success and prosperity!

So let everything come true in the best way! Hurray!