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Sunday, 03 May 2020 18:03

Android 11 will spare an annoying notification problem

Google has released a new version of Android 11 for developers, revealing new features of the next iteration of its mobile OS. Quite useful features have already been seen among system updates. This is reported by 9to5Google. [hi-tech.mail.ru]

Android smartphones will now have the option of clearing the notification bar with one touch if there are too many of them or you just want to have an empty menu. And it is about all notifications, including from the system.

In previous versions of the operating system, there were some types of notifications that could not be hidden until a certain action was completed, such as connecting to another device over Bluetooth or running the WhatsApp Web.

In addition to the notification cleanup feature, a number of other useful options can be expected in Android 11. Accidentally closed programs can be restored directly from "Recent Applications," there will be more actions for the user, including creating a screenshot without going to the program window. It is also known that Android 11 will redraw icons of some system applications and change some other interface elements.