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Friday, 20 March 2020 09:24

All Kazakhstanis already have electronic health passport

According to Health Minister Elzhan Birtanov, digitalization of health care implies integration of information systems, from mobile applications, medical information systems of polyclinics to electronic passports. Currently, all Kazakhstanis have electronic passports, [Strategy2050.kz] reports.

"Today everyone can make sure that the electronic passport works. All 18 million people have electronic passports according to IIN, which are updated on a weekly basis with data from all medical institutions. This work will be continued, the Head of the Ministry said at a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan.

According to him, an important condition for establishing the whole chain of integration is the active involvement of the population and the use of mobile applications to check and assess the quality of medical services. The quality and accessibility of the Internet play an important role in this.

"If the Internet works uninterrupted, there will be no violations in the operation of the single system," - he stressed.

In turn, Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan Timur Suleimenov noted that doctors are the main agents of all reforms.

The content of electronic health passports, integration of all information systems within the framework of OSHI, and development, as well as ensuring uninterrupted operation of medical information systems will be required. Because doctors are key agents of all reforms, they must understand that digitalization of health care is convenient and necessary. Therefore, we expect full and high-quality functioning of medical information systems, "- said Suleimenov.

In his opinion, digitalization of health care helps to identify shortcomings and correct them.

"Digitalization plays an important role in achieving competitiveness at the global level. Last year the Ministry carried out a lot of work together with other bodies, in particular with the Ministry of Digital Development on digitization of the drug supply system. This is a great achievement, which allowed to identify some shortcomings, references or poor-quality approaches in the work and correct them, the representative of the Presidential Administration added.

Recall, the electronic health passport was launched in October 2019. He keeps all the medical records of the patient. At the same time, all information is available both to doctors (by consent of the patient) and to patients themselves.