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Sunday, 02 February 2020 14:21

Android 11 presentation date revealed

Google announces a developer conference every year using mini-games. Last year, for example, the company invented a whole quest using Google Street View panoramic maps. This year space was chosen as a theme - in the game it is necessary to restore the intergalactic satellite network. [hi-tech.mail.ru]

If you complete all the tasks, the player will see the date of the Google I/O 2020 conference, which will show the new Android 11, Pixel 4A smartphone and other updates of the company 's services. The event will traditionally take place in May - from 12 to 14 days. After many on the Internet won the game, this information was confirmed by Google director Sundar Pichai in his Twitter.

There is no information on the Internet that there will be a new one in Android 11. Google in 2019 abandoned the "sweet" names of the operating system, now they are marked only with numbers for simplicity. So you don 't have to wonder which sweetness the company chose for another upgrade.