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Monday, 20 January 2020 18:11

Paper version of the 086 will no longer be needed by the Kazakhstanis

Vice-Minister of Health Olzhas Abishev said that the medical certificate 086/u will be formed automatically on the basis of the last medical examination of a citizen and requested automatically if necessary, reports [Liter.kz].

"According to preventive measures, every citizen has the right to undergo a free medical examination once a year. These medical records will be kept in our systems. State agencies - the Central Election Commission and the Interior Ministry - will send a request to the system for the last medical check-up and automatic generation of a 086 certificate," Abishev said.

According to him, health information refers to personal data and will be requested only with the official consent of a citizen.

"No certificate will be required in paper form from April to May. It will already outlive itself," assured the deputy minister.

Medical certificate 086/u is one of the most popular and frequently asked for, it is necessary for employment, obtaining a driver's license and so on. In December 2019, it became known that the medical certificate will be transferred to electronic format, which will make it reusable.