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Wednesday, 18 January 2023 18:24

The elicense.kz portal and Otbasy Bank JSC services can be obtained via eGov QR

Individuals can now use eGov QR in the eGov Mobile app when working on the e-Licensing portal. [www.nitec.kz]

Also, using eGov QR, users can sign a consent to the collection and processing of data when applying for rental subsidies on the otbasybank.kz portal and sign documents for external transfer operations on the enpf-otbasy.kz platform.

The eGov QR is an alternative method that will facilitate the process of signing documents. Using QR one can get quick access to the required documents and sign them online via the eGov Mobile application.

Thus, there is no need to install NCALayer on the computer from which QR code will be scanned. Existing digital signature NCALayer-enabled mechanisms are also available for e-Licensing users.

"With an active participation and assistance of government agencies and Otbasy Bank, NIT JSC team has expanded the QR signing capability for users of the eGov Mobile app. It is now possible to log in and sign services using a QR code on the elicense.kz portal for individuals, as well as to receive services at Otbasy bank. An alternative authorization and signing option is convenient because it does not require entering digital signature keys and allows user to save time" said Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.


The Otbasy Bank customers can sign the following services using eGov QR in the eGov Mobile app:

  • Consent to the collection and processing of data when applying for participation in the rental subsidy program on the otbasybank.kz portal;
  • Signing documents for external transfer operations on the enpf-otbasy.kz platform.

"Over 2.5 million Kazakhstani citizens are customers of Otbasy Bank. We try to provide a high-quality service to each of our customer. We give priority to online tools. Now one can apply for a loan, get a loan, register a pledge agreement, remove encumbrances, apply for participation in the rental subsidy program and sign a lease agreement online. Now we cooperate with NIT JSC to implement document signing using a QR code. In the future, our customers will be able to sign over 40 documents using QR" told Elmira Raspekova, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Otbasy Bank.


Link to the video tutorial:

To try the new capabilities, the eGov mobile users need to:

- log in to the app (if you have previously logged in, you can log in to the app using Face ID, Touch ID or a short code);

- on the elicense.kz portal, select the type of signing - "QR code";

- on the eGov mobile homepage click "eGov QR";

- scan eGov QR and sign;

Upon successful processing of the request, "Signing completed successfully!" will be displayed on the mobile phone screen.

Since the launch of a new feature, 4.7 thousand users have already used eGov QR to log in to the elicense.kz portal.

Also, authorization using one-time SMS code is valid for individuals on the e-lisence.kz portal. Authorization for legal entities is performed via login/password and digital signature keys. 

For the convenience of Kazakhstani citizens, eGov QR in the mobile application can also be used to receive services on the official websites of these organizations:

The eGov mobile app is available on the App Store for iOS users and in the Play Market and App Gallery for Android users.

Today about 676 public services are available in the eGov Mobile app, of which 202 services are from the eGov.kz portal and 474 services are from e-License Portal for individuals. About 2.4 million Kazakhstani citizens actively use it every month and about 50 thousand public services are delivered each month.