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Saturday, 22 October 2022 19:53


Turan University and the Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan invite Kazakhstani and foreign scientists, teachers, doctoral students, representatives of scientific institutions, business communities, government authorities and public organizations to take part in the round table "Project Management in the academic activities of universities: preparation personnel and environmental management”.

Friday, November 04, 2022
14:00 pm.

In the process of transforming the education system, the project approach remains a key tool for solving the problems facing the leadership of universities. As a result, for the effective functioning of an educational organization, a scientific approach is needed in the formation of an adaptive management system. To develop solutions on these issues, it is necessary to transform the university management systems, introduce project management tools into the activity and structure, which will be able to analyze and predict the main educational trends and changes in the educational services market. The key element in this focus is the introduction of strategic management of the university with elements of project mechanisms.

The purpose of the round table is to develop a methodological approach to the formation of strategic management mechanisms based on project management tools in higher education institutions.

The round table is expected to discuss the following key areas and the grand opening of the project office at Turan University:
- priorities for the creation of project offices in the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- formation of sustainable relationships between universities and stakeholders based on project management tools;
- training of specialists in the field of project management at all levels of education;
- application of project management standards in the management of the academic environment of higher educational institutions.

Participants of the round table: representatives of state authorities and the real sector of the economy, the Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NCE RK "Atameken", Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of business structures.

Terms of participation in the round table.

Papers are accepted until November 11, 2022. Round table materials will be published only in electronic form, articles for publication are accepted without payment. The volume of reports is no more than 5-6 pages.

Article formatting requirements

Reports are submitted in electronic form. The text must be typed in Microsoft Word format; Times New Roman font; line spacing - 1.0; size - 14; paragraph indent - 1.25 cm; margins: left - 3 cm, right - 1.0 cm, top and bottom - 2 cm each.

UDC is printed in the upper left part of the sheet.

Further, in the upper right part of the sheet, the surname and initials of the author, place of work, academic degree and title are printed. In the middle of the sheet, the name of the material is printed in capital letters, then the keywords (6-8 words). Then comes the text of the article. The article is allowed no more  than 2 tables made  in  Word,  2  figures  (Word,  group).  Formulas  can  be  typed  only  in  the  application  -  formula  editor (Microsoft Equation).

References to the used literature are printed in square brackets in the text, the list of references is printed at the end of the article (no more than 3-4 sources). After the list of references, there should be a short summary in Kazakh,  Russian  and  English  (4-6  sentences),  as  well  as  the  title  of  the  article  in  three  languages  (Kazakh, Russian and English); for scientists from the CIS countries and far abroad - in Russian and English.

At  the  end  of  the  article,  please  indicate  your  full  name.  in  full,  return  address,  telephones  (office  and/or home), e-mail (e-mail).

It is not allowed to use bold, italic and underlined font in the article. It is not allowed to use automatic and forced hyphenation, forced line breaks, page breaks.

Reports must be sent to the e-mail: e.eralina@turan-edu.kz

Phone for information: 8(727) 260–40–00.

Technical Secretary: Abilkhanova Madina, phone number.: 260-40-18, e-mail: m.abilhanova@turan-edu.kz

Coordinator - Deputy Head Department of "Management" Eralina Elmira Maratovna, phone : 8 707 819 2360, e-mail: e.eralina@turan-edu.kz

Member Registration Link - https://forms.gle/Ye211fmW692aq5MN7

Organizing committee address:
Institution "University "Turan"
050013, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Almaty, st. Satpaeva, 16A

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