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Sunday, 27 February 2022 17:09

Digital documents can be used in Kazpost branches

Using the Digital Documents service in the eGov mobile app, Kazpost JSC customers can now get services using a digital ID document.[nitec.kz]

A digital document is a prototype of an original copy of an ID document.

"The Digital Documents service is in great demand among citizens, today the number of users amounts to 6.4 million people. The figure is increasing every day, and we are trying to introduce the service in all spheres of life. Now Kazpost customers also have the opportunity to use this convenient service. We are glad that digital transformation enables improving and facilitating many business processes both for citizens and businesses," said Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.


Kazpost JSC customers will be able to use a digital national ID card when receiving and sending parcels in all the branches of the country. 

"Thanks to the service, Kazpost customers will have the capability to present a digital national ID card using eGov Mobile app to confirm personal data in the branches. This will significantly facilitate the reception and delivery of parcels to our customers, since it often happens that customers come to a branch without an original copy of national ID card, while a smartphone is always "at hand". Moreover, due to introduction of the capability to use digital documents, Kazpost JSC will not have to make and keep copies of national ID cards, which significantly optimizes expenses on paper supplies," said Serik Saudabayev, Chairman of the Board, Kazpost JSC.


The project has been launched in pilot mode for Kazpost postal services. To use the new service, one needs to:  



- sign in to the eGov mobile app;

- select "Digital Documents" in the "Services" section;

- select a document to grant access to;

- click "Open Access" button;

- provide a six-digit short code displayed on a smartphone screen to Kazpost JSC operator. The code is generated automatically and is never repeated.

An operator enters a unique short code into the database, and the system automatically downloads a customer's ID document.

This customer identification mechanism ensures high security and prevents possible fraud by third parties.

It should be reminded that the Digital Documents service available at the eGov mobile app contains 18 documents, the most popular of which are: national ID, driving license, vaccination passport, PCR test and birth certificate.

To date, digital documents can be used at all the airports of the country, when boarding carriages at the railway stations of KTZ JSC, in Otbasy Bank JSC and Beeline branches, as well as when obtaining services in the second-tier banks and at notaries.




Application of digital documents became possible thanks to the integration of information systems of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Information Technologies JSC and Kazpost JSC. 


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A digital document is an electronic document generated by a digital document service that is necessary to get public services and other services online, as well as when interacting with individuals and legal entities. The Digital Documents service allows using an electronic version of an original copy of ID document, which enables citizens providing a digital document to government agencies and organizations to get any services (for instance, when buying air and railway tickets, etc.).