How to become a member of IIA?


on replacement of vacant positions of full members (academicians) and corresponding members on the following sections *:

- Information technologies and communications (7; 8),
- Economy, the industry, information and commercial activity (8; 10),
- Ecology, medicine (9; 5),
- Information and code problems of natural sciences and the equipment (7; 9),
- Information and spiritual revival of the world community (5; 7),
- Geoinformation technologies (8; 7),
- System concepts and applications (6; 8).

What gives membership of IIA?

For participation in a competition the following documents are submitted:

  1. The statement for participation in a competition addressed to the President of MAIN, Ashimov A.A.; ;
  2. Questionnaire;
  3. Photocopies of diplomas about the termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, award of an academic degree, academic status;
  4. Two photos of 3 x 4 in size (color);
  5. Copy passports (IIN is obligatory);
  6. Representations recommendations of members of MAIN (not less than 2-3);
  7. Receipt on payment of an entrance fee (requisites MAIN)

Doctors of science (and doctors of PhD), the famous state and political figures can participate in a competition on replacement of vacant positions of full members (academicians); on replacement of vacant positions of corresponding members – candidates and masters of sciences and also highly qualified specialists and businessmen; on replacement of vacant positions of graduateds in a military academy – experts with the higher education: bachelors and undergraduates.

Documents on a competition are accepted to the address: A05 A2T4, RK, Almaty, Abylay Ave. of the khan 79, office the 311, 3 floor , the International academy of informatization (IIA)

Reference by phones: +7 (727) 9732816, +7 700 9732816
Веб-сайт: http//

*In brackets: the first quantity of vacant positions of full members, the second quantity of vacant positions of corresponding members.