Sunday, 01 August 2021 10:24


The Constitution was adopted at the General Meeting of the Academy and put into effect on 10.02.2014.

It includes Mission, Motto, Values ​​and Vision. The mission contains the meaning of the Academy's activities, its social significance. The motto succinctly and compactly emphasizes the main aspects of MAIN's work. The values reflects the key features of our activities, unites the interests and aspirations of the members of the Academy. The vision shows how we want to see our Academy in the future.

The international status of the Academy is determined by the fact that not only Kazakhstani scientists, but also representatives of the near and far abroad work in it. These are the specialists who in every possible way contribute to the development of informatization processes in Kazakhstan and their countries.

At present, the Academy unites more than 1600 famous scientists, public and state figures in many areas of science and practice who have made a significant contribution to the development of the informatization of our country.

MAIN carries out its mission by interacting with government agencies, institutes of civil society, international organizations, the media, the social sphere, by sectors of the economy, and is capable of conducting an independent examination of socio-economic, innovative and other programs and projects; provide extensive consulting services, present and create various information databases.