Понедельник, 01 Июль 2019 19:24

Microsoft will add the new button on the keyboard

The Microsoft corporation plans to change keyboard layout pattern and to add a new key. Writes The Verge with reference to the message of the user of Twitter under the nickname WalkingCat about it. [Lenta.ru]

It is specified that the new key will be responsible for applications launch, entering the Microsoft Office package, and will be near the right Win button. Usually on full-size keyboards there is a button of a call of a context menu.

WalkingCat found poll in which Microsoft suggests to estimate usability of a new key. In it only six questions whether among which "You tried to use the Office button? whether" and "You tried new reductions with use of the Office button?". Also users are offered to leave own wishes on improvement of operation of the new button.

The current version of an apportion under the name Microsoft Natural was submitted in 1994. The majority of keyboards which do not correspond to this apportion (for example, two Win keys or the button of a call of the menu are absent), does not undergo certification of Microsoft. The exception was made only by laptops which buttons could interchange the position or remove.