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3iTech developed speech models for speech recognition in Kazakh and Uzbek languages and opened access to their testing. New languages will enhance the 3i Vox platform as an ecosystem of voice services for developers, integrators, and enterprise IT departments that use voice technology. [CNews]

More than one hundred thousand firewalls, VPN gateways and access point controllers from Zyxel contained a hard-coded administrative backdoor account, which, if necessary, could open root access to cybercriminals to devices through the SSH interface or the administrator's web panel. According to the RK Computer Incident Response Service, a dangerous account was discovered by specialists of Eye Control, based in the Netherlands. [Profit]

Понедельник, 11 Январь 2021 20:09

Experts chose the most beautiful games of 2020

Despite all the problems, 2020 was rich in exciting and beautiful games. []

Понедельник, 28 Декабрь 2020 21:11

Selfies of users with documents are highly valued in darknet

Kaspersky Lab analyzed ten English and Russian-language international shadow forums and found out what time users' data on the black market are estimated today. It turned out that their cost is quite high. Especially in demand are selfies with documents such as passports or driver's licenses (up to $40-60 per document), medical cards (up to $30 per full patient card), information from a credit card (up to $20), PayPal accounts (up to $500), as well as accounts in entertainment or streaming services such as, for example, Netflix, Twitch or Pornhh.

Понедельник, 28 Декабрь 2020 21:02

Apple prepares 32-core processor. It is faster than any Intel one

The company has already begun the transition to in-house processors in junior computers, solutions for top models will soon appear. []

Пятница, 04 Декабрь 2020 19:43


The new gadget, according to Durov, looks like a bulky version of iPhone 5, released back in 2012. []

Пятница, 04 Декабрь 2020 19:38

Vacuum train hyperloop for the first time rolled passengers

Hyperloop is a concept of ultra-fast transport, the tunnels of which are located above the ground on supports. It is planned that the new vehicle will be twice as fast as the aircraft. []

Вторник, 20 Октябрь 2020 20:16

What Snapdragon 875 is capable of. First tests

The first test results of the new Qualcomm processor for flagship smartphones of 2021 appeared on the Internet. []

Вторник, 20 Октябрь 2020 20:12

The most popular applications and games in the world

What was downloaded and what people played after the global quarantine. []

Вторник, 29 Сентябрь 2020 18:58

Windows XP source is on the Internet. Why this is dangerous

The source code of the once popular Windows XP operating system, which has not been officially supported by Microsoft for several years, was posted on the Internet. []

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