Friday, 24 April 2020 17:01

Microsoft introduces new Microsoft 365 service

Microsoft announced that from April 21, home subscriptions of Office 365 will be named Microsoft 365, and will include new features and services. Microsoft 365 is an evolution of Office 365 that leverages new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, a variety of content and templates, and the power of cloud computing to improve text, presentation, and design skills. New services will be added to strengthen ties with loved ones and make family and friendly communication simple and convenient. The new features will begin on April 21, and will gradually be accessed by more than 38 million Office 365 subscribers in the coming months. [Profit]

New solutions as part of Microsoft 365, a preliminary version of which will appear in the coming months, are a new Microsoft Family Safety app designed to keep your family safe in the digital and physical world, and new Microsoft Teams capabilities that will allow you to be closer to friends and family and work together on what is especially important to you.

Finally, the Microsoft Edge browser takes a new turn with features to protect online with Password Monitor and simplified research with the Collection feature. You can find out more about all the new Edge features here.

Stay closer to family and friends with Skype and Microsoft Teams

Staying in touch with loved ones today is more important than ever. Recently, Skype has been used daily by 40 million people, corresponding to a monthly growth of 70%. At the same time, the duration of calls within Skype during the month increased by 220%. To help people call faster, we recently introduced a new free Skype feature called Meet Now, it allows you to create a video meeting in just three clicks - and those who connect to it do not have to sign in under their account and install an app on their computer.

More than 44 million people use Microsoft Teams in their work. Microsoft Teams is a team work center that allows you to chat, make calls, conduct video conferences, and use other collaboration opportunities in a single application. To make sure you have a single app for interaction in work and life, and to strengthen your ties with close people, Microsoft introduced new features of Microsoft Teams for private life. Teams will allow you to stay in touch, set up groups to plan trips with friends, arrange a neighbor meeting or schedule book club events. It will be possible to unite in group chat rooms, to hold video calls, together to draw up lists of cases and set tasks for individuals, to coordinate the schedule, to share photos and videos - all in a single center. Teams will add tools to store important information - such as Wi-Fi passwords and account data - you can even follow the geolocation update of loved ones when they go home, to work or to school.

Protect your family in the digital and physical world with Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft 's new Family Safety app will help families protect their loved ones by providing them with tools and analytics to shape useful habits online and the real world. It 's the only app that lets you manage screen time on Windows PCs, Android devices, and Xbox devices, and helps keep quiet when your kids aren 't home.

Microsoft Family Safety you 'll be able to share geolocation and receive notifications when family members come or leave a home, school or job - so you can be calm knowing your loved ones are where they should be.

The Microsoft Family Safety app will help you understand how your children spend time on Xbox, Windows 10 PCs and Android phones, and set limits to form useful habits when using gadgets. In addition, you will be able to limit the use of content that does not correspond to the age of the child when it is on the Internet.

Microsoft Editor

Our research shows that roughly half of people seek to learn how to write better. Today we present a large-scale addition to Editor, an AI-based service available in more than 20 languages, including Russian, Word,, and as a separate extension for the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.

The new Rewrite Suites function tells you how to make the text more convincing or understandable while retaining the original meaning. In addition, for the first time, the Editor feature in Word will be able to check text for plagiarism, helping authors create original content and, when necessary, insert relevant quotes directly into the document with just one click.

Presenter Coach в PowerPoint

Presenter Coach in PowerPoint will help overcome the fear of public speaking. Presenter Coach uses artificial intelligence to determine if you 're talking too quickly, whether "Mmm" appears too often in your speech, or if you 're just reading from slides.

Microsoft introduced two new features in the Presenter Coach PowerPoint: Monotone pitch and Speech Refinement. Presenter Coach listens to the tone of your voice and in real time will offer to make speech emotionally colored, as well as help with grammar: advise on how to build a proposal more competent.

Creative content and premium templates

The PowerPoint Designer PowerPoint extends your creative capabilities without requiring extra time, for example, you can convert text into a spectacular timeline in a single click. And when you add an image to a slide, Designer automatically generates multiple design options. Microsoft 365 subscribers will have an even greater arsenal for creativity - more than 8,000 beautiful images and 175 cyclic videos from Getty Images, 300 new fonts and 2,800 new badges to create impressive and visually attractive documents. All of this content will also be available in Word and Excel.

To get started quickly on a school, work, or family project and save time, Microsoft 365 subscribers will have exclusive access to more than 200 premium templates in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The templates will help create the perfect resume, wedding invitation, newsletter, birth card and more.

New data types and smart templates in Excel

Many use Excel to collect and analyze information. Searching, selecting, updating such data can be a difficult and time-consuming process. In the near future, new types of data will be available for download to Excel and will help you to easily select and structure information: you will have access to advanced information on more than 100 topics, such as food, films, places, chemistry, and even pokemons. Save time by converting simple text and numbers into data types so Excel offers you a variety of visual and informational interactive data and image maps to better present your information. Access to exchange data types and geography is open to everyone in the web version of Excel, and Microsoft 365 subscribers will have exclusive access to more than 100 new data types based on Wolfram Alpha.

Plan your work and personal time with Outlook

Microsoft introduced new features of the web version of Outlook, which will help manage all your arrangements in work and life in the same calendar, displaying your real download on your work account, while keeping information about personal and business meetings confidential.

A Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family subscription will be available worldwide on April 21 - more opportunities at the same price

Existing Office 365 subscribers will begin accessing new Office features today. Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family subscriptions will be available worldwide from April 21. Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions retain all Office 365 capabilities, such as premium Office apps for computers, 1 TB per person in OneDrive storage, 60 minutes of calls to mobile and city phones on Skype, advanced security to protect against malware and phishing attacks, and technical support.

To learn more about Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions and the availability of announced new features, visit this page.

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