Friday, 21 June 2019 17:49

Lightning все: the beta of ios 13 hinted at change of the socket in new iphones

For a long time it is rumored that Apple will refuse the branded Lightning socket on the iPhones in favor of USB-C. This year rumors can become a reality.[]

On such conclusion the system recovery screen hinted at iPhone which appeared at an odnogoa from users in the beta of IOS 13. The website GSM Arena paid attention to a post.

Earlier Apple already began to release iPad Pro tablets with the USB-C socket instead of Lightning. Support of much broader set of aksussuar and fast charging becomes the most obvious plus of such decision.


As notes GSM Arena, in Cupertino could begin to use Type-C only on the senior iPhone models, but left Lightning on the successor of XR as Apple can solve and earn further on the smartphones accessories.