Sunday, 04 August 2019 13:09

Deterioration in internet access in Kazakhstan was explained by Zhumagaliyev

The minister of digital development, innovations and the space industry of RK Askar Zhumagaliyev commented on an issue of deterioration in Internet access at those who did not establish the certificate of safety, gives [].

"As for communication quality as soon as the works on adjusting connected with the certificate of safety began, we placed the relevant information that some problems can be with access, but they, clear, temporality at once. I established, I have no problems" — Zhumagaliyev told.

The minister also advised to address in case of any questions to the Public Technical Service (PTS).

"I think, it is necessary to address GTS, and all these questions will be removed. Let's watch individually at whom both what problems, and GTS it is in this regard ready to render assistance. I think, telecom operators will render you assistance" — the minister concluded.

The situation was commented also by the deputy director of RGP "Public Technical Service" of KNB RK Zeken Ismailov. According to him, users in case of malfunctions can address telecom operators.

"We have a full-time employment with telecom operators, and we work all arising questions therefore a request to address to call center of telecom operator if questions belong to their zone of responsibility, they solve. If it, after all, somehow treat the certificate of safety as you told access to those who did not establish the certificate is blocked, then we sit down and in common we understand. Any technology solution has some flaws. Now there is an approbation process" — the deputy it told.

Let's remind that before residents of Kazakhstan asked to establish the certificate of safety of Qaznet Trust Network for Internet access. As declared in the Ministry of digital development, innovations and space industry, technical works "are directed to strengthening of protection of citizens, public authorities and private companies from the hacker attacks, Internet swindlers and other types of cyberthreats".