Thursday, 25 July 2019 18:30

On the Almaty streets "smart" traffic lights will appear

The deputy akim of Almaty Erlan Aukenov at a meeting of Public council told about plans for increase in traffic lights in the megalopolis and the system of smart traffic lights which will allow to reduce road accident number, tells. [Profit]

According to Aukenov, in the city the Vision Zero program is implemented.

"The person made and will make mistakes. It is necessary to create conditions that they did not lead to a lethal outcome. And this already architectural reorganization of schemes of traffic, conditions. That is it is automatic equipment, a marking, safety on the street, in public transport, information maintenance" — told a zamakim.

For the first time in 30 years in Almaty the automated traffic control system is accepted. Modernization will affect all complex of traffic lights of Almaty.

"Are integrated on the first stage of 90 traffic lights which in the automatic mode operate a stream. Sensors will stand on each traffic light. 27 this year we finish, 20 are already ready in a new format. 24 more we plan to realize in the next year. Plus 50 traffic lights will appear in one and a half years. The akim gave an assignment to prepare projects on 100 new traffic lights. Requirement high in the city. There are not enough 200 traffic lights, especially on the outskirts. Within The City without the Outskirts project of 200 more traffic lights it is necessary to put same, as in the center. Design will take half a year" — Aukenov explained.