Wednesday, 17 July 2019 17:44

Mail. Ru released large-scale update of the mobile application

Service of e-mail was processed by the client for smartphones. Changes concerned key functions of mail: navigation, work with folders and letters and switching of accounts. []

In the new version developers completely changed design of the application. Providing to users more convenient access to important functions of service was the main objective of redesign, according to creators.

The company decided to pay special attention to group of users which uses mail only through the application on the smartphone. "Such users have to have an opportunity to adjust still easily and quickly as it becomes in the web interface" — consider in Mail.

In the lower screen of the application appeared convenient now tapas bars from where the user gets access to all functions: to folders with letters, to switching between accounts and to other settings. As explained in the Mail, the decision to take out all control elements in the lower part of the screen is connected with the growing popularity of smartphones with big screens.

In the application changed visual style of registration. Basic elements became more noticeable due to accent color, new fonts have to make reading letters more convenient, and highlighting — to help the user to be focused on important letters.

The latests version of the mobile client of the Mail are already available in App Store and Google Play.