Friday, 28 June 2019 18:29


On 28 June 2019 at the Astana Hub (g. Nur-Sultan (RK) acting Minister for digital development, innovation and the aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty Hosted the meeting zhumagalieva with representatives of the it community on the development of the industry of information and communication technologies.

The following questions were asked at the dispute:

  1. General provisions Shortage of personnel for full-scale digitalization of Kazakhstan
  2. Digitalization of basic industries of Kazakhstan
  3. Digitalization of OTC, modernization and harmonization of the system of producers and consumers of products and services
  4. Development of country-scale digital platforms, developed on the basis of internal research and the most independent of external technologies
  5. Possible system projects of digital transformation of industry within the EAEU

The meeting was attended by representatives of our Academy:

- academician, Vice-President for innovation MAA-Abdigappar Sagadat Adiyevich

- Academician of IIA, 1st Vice-President, General Director of the IIA, the President of the defense Ministry-Shop Alex Filipovic.

NGO " international Academy of Informatization "expresses gratitude for the invitation of JSC "National information holding "Zerde".