Monday, 24 June 2019 18:14

The new type of fraud in WhatsApp is found

The international anti-virus company ESET found a new type of fraud in the WhatsApp messenger. 1 Tb of free Internet traffic who can use even without the included Wi-Fi acts as a bait. [Profit]

The potential victim receives the special offer, allegedly in honor of the 10 anniversary of the messenger. Conditions of "action" are simple: the user has to follow the link, answer a number of questions and share this poll with 30 friends then he "with guarantee" will receive 1 Tb of free traffic. 

Experts of ESET believe that the purpose of a campaign is mass distribution of advertizing without the consent of the user. An incident once again shows efficiency of social engineering — using desire to receive a gift, malefactors easily involve trustful users in distribution of phishing links.

During the investigation experts found the website which was used for several phishing campaigns. Using one domain, malefactors started not less than 66 harmful campaigns. All "actions" were distributed under the guise of the known brands — Adidas, Nescafé, Rolex, etc. As for WhatsApp, it is not the first phishing attack on users of service — earlier malefactors suggested to change color of the interface of the messenger and promised an annual premium subscription to Spotify service.