Friday, 26 April 2019 18:48

Investors are ready to invest in the telecom

For January-February, 2019 the volume of the capital investments enclosed in a segment of information and communication was 10.7 billion tenges. Annual growth reached 69.1% at once: last year the volume of investments in the corresponding period was only 6.3 billion tenges. At the same time the share of investments into the industry from the total amount of capital investments into economy makes only 0.8% that, however, is 0.3 items higher, than the previous year, note analytics [].

In a regional section on the volume of investment Almaty is in the lead: 4.6 billion tenges, gain more than twice. On the second place — Nur-Sultan: 1.1 billion tenges, however the volume of investments decreased by 38.6% in comparison with the same period of 2018. 1.1 billion more tenges of investments in the sector were concentrated by the Karaganda region, with an annual growth at once by 6.5 times. 63.2% of all volume of investment into fixed capital in the sector, or 6.8 billion tenges fall to the share of three leading regions.

The main stream of investments into information and communication arrives from own means of the enterprises: in two months 2019 — 9.9 billion tenges, are 92.5% of all investment portfolio. Money from the local budget reached 593.8 million tenges whereas in the same period of 2018 there were only 0.2 million tenges. The sum of investments at the expense of borrowed funds was 215.9 million tenges.