Friday, 26 April 2019 18:46

Improbable result: scientists found room for the computer in the cell of the human body

"A human cage — the ready computer" — the Swiss scientists say. Also confirm it in practice. []

Experts from the Higher technical school of Zurich managed to turn a cell of a human body into the tiny computer. It became possible thanks to use of technology of genetic modification of CRISPR. With its help scientists managed to create the modified version of Cas9 enzyme which functions as the simplest processor.

This enzyme can read out information and start an expression of certain genes in an organism that leads to synthesis of proteins which are easy for finding. Actually it can work as the Basic logical Element using the binary code.

Substance is entered into a cage, protein makes calculations and issues the answer in the form of a certain product of synthesis. Depending on this product, "answer" of protein can be presented as "Yes" or "No" — or "Truth" and "Lie" in terms of algebra of statements.

Now scientists need to solve a problem of association of similar live computing elements in uniform large structure. If it manages to be made, then it will be possible to grow up supercomputers on nutrient medium.