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The Oxford institute of the Internet found out that by 2100 1.4 billion users of Facebook will be dead. Researchers do the forecast that by 2070 the died users of social network will become more, than live. []

Пятница, 26 Апрель 2019 18:50

Research which we deserved: physics measured absolute nothing

The Swiss physicists by means of laser impulses could understand the quantum nature of a vacuum. []

"A human cage — the ready computer" — the Swiss scientists say. Also confirm it in practice. []

The volume of the world market of the clever plants in 2019 will be 153.7 billion dollars, and in 2024 will reach 244.8 billion dollars. By calculations of analysts of MarketsandMarkets, on average during a specified period the market will grow for 9.76% a year. The factors stimulating market growth include introduction of industrial robots, development of the Internet of things, the growing demand for intelligent solutions for automation and the increased emphasis on observance of regulatory requirements, tells. [Profit]

Announced 1C-Bitrix availability in "Bitriks24" of the new function "Center of Sales" which is intended for reception of payment by the companies doing business in social networks and messengers. The tool will independently generate a link for payment. [CNews]

Пятница, 29 Март 2019 18:58

Deliveries of servers to Russia grew by 1.5%

By results of the research IDC EMEA Quarterly Server Tracker, in the fourth quarter 2018 to the Russian market it was supplied 38 651 servers of all types for the total amount of 320.91 million dollars. In comparison with the same period of last year the number of the put servers grew by 1.5% whereas the volume of deliveries in terms of money increased by 24.3%. [Profit]

The large asteroid of EA2 will fly by Earth at distance smaller, than to the Moon. Data on the website of NASA demonstrate to it.

Среда, 13 Март 2019 19:07

The universal way of breaking wi-fi is found

All devices having a possibility of connection to Wi-Fi are under the threat of breaking, scientists from the Belgian university of Leuven said. Experts noted that it is possible to crack any gadget from which go on-line thus. []

Recently large players from Korea and China showed the decisions in the field of flexible smartphones. And here the American company studies prospects so far. Options are reflected in its new patents. []

Вторник, 26 Февраль 2019 17:56

Awesome processors are being prepared for the iPhone 2020

There were rumors about a week ago that the A13 chip intended for iPhone of this year will be manufactured on the same 7 nanometers to architecture, as A12. Now it is reported that in iPhone 2020 we will see the next jump in miniaturization of the chip again. []

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